wanderings of the mind.

The entire house was silent. No bird sang, no tree rustled and the air was still. I sat in complete silence admiring the tree outside- a mighty, towering being that remained constantly grounded and persistent through all kinds of seasons, civilizations, ages and time. At that moment, the world and this life seemed dreadfully finite- a wisp of dust that could disappear with the passing of a mere moment. At that moment, these were the wanderings of my mind.

Why do our tongues fail us when we need to express ourselves the most?

Why do our breaths fall short when endurance is demanded of us?

Why do our eyes fail to absorb the beauty that surrounds us in that temporary moment of bliss?

Why does the comfort of our circumstances only become apparent when we witness misery?

Why do we go back to the same people, the same places that pierce our flesh?

Why do we revert to our naivety and foolishness when the illusion of happiness is restored?

Why cant everything be okay, without any ifs or buts, or hidden costs, or dread of the “worst yet to come?”

How can something seem unimaginably vivid and colorful at one instant, and so very ugly and dark at the next?

How can children be expected to frolic in gardens of sweet poison?

How can women be expected to be fearless when an unfamiliar silhouette on the sidewalk is enough to make them run?

How can men be expected to enjoy a life that they have by the grace of a 9-to-5 job?

When will the luxuries of this world be portrayed as what they truly are-an escape?

When will the sufferings of the masses be brought forth as an imminent reality, rather than a charity case in the distant world?


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