Greetings! I write to you here proudly as Noor ul Huda Qureshi, the founder of this personal blog N A K H U D A H. ‘Nakhudah’ is a Persian word which describes a captain who aids others in crossing rivers. Through this blog, I hope we can help each other cross the river of life and create wonders.

I have always been an opinionated person, never too shy to express the thoughts going on in my mind. Now, not all bloggers start a blog simply to express themselves, some wish to spread awareness about the serious aspects of life and to use their voices in activism, some want to showcase their artistic abilities and publish portfolios and some blog with the intention of making money. Then there are those, such as me, who start to blog simply because they have too much to say. This blog, therefore, is a platform carefully designed to cater those individuals who have too much to say and have the patience to listen.

Email me at nakudah72@gmail.com

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